Trances and idols

draculaEuan writes about organisations apparently embracing a slow and willing death.

Realising that we are in a trance and breaking out of it, might be the essence of creativity.

In our trances, we worship idols. And some pretty ridiculous ones at that. I find it frustrating and hilarious how organisations will sometimes refuse to contemplate rearranging chairs or removing tables for meetings as if this is a tremendously dangerous idea. 

Or how meeting organisers pay top dollar to hold meetings in basements with no natural light. And then turn even the artificial lights down so we can worship at the shrine of powerpoint, panel and keynote. And then bemoan the passivity of the audience. (Which of course justifies the choice to practically anaesthetise them in the first place).

The mythology here is that of the vampire. That light will destroy us!

Actually, it’s just a cargo cult.

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