Trying out…

I’m trying out a couple of new bits of software. The first is ecto, an offline blog editor. Previously, I have tried Zempt which was pretty good but would occasionally not work. ecto seems a bit more sophisticated with some nice touches including a WYSIWYG preview which can refer to the site’s stylesheet. I’ll see if I feel like paying for it in two weeks. Thanks to Rob Paterson for the tipoff.

I’m also trying out Klipfolio, a neat information update… thingy. You program it to track newsites, rss feeds, mailboxes, weather reports etc. Has a nice user interface and it’s free. Thanks to Robert Scoble for mentioning it.

3 thoughts on “Trying out…

  1. Johnnie Moore

    Hi Adam. Zempt is fine and I appreciate very much the work that has gone into it. I occasionally find it won’t post. Not a huge problem as I can always copy across to enter in MT. Just trying ecto as a comparison.


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