Since installing Twitteroo I’ve started to enjoy Twitter a lot more. I only spend a few moments updating Twitter or reading it but I like the sense of connection it gives me to my circle of friends there. It’s nano-blogging.

Here’s Rob Paterson‘s take:

I can see what is going on in my Twitter world and yet it takes no effort to be there or to participate… It’s like being in a local cafe that has many of your friends in it and you can hear snatches of what they say and vice versa.

So I can work and yet be wrapped in a very supportive social environment that I can drop into or out of any any time at no ebergetic cost.

As David Weinberger says, Twitter sounds like it must be dumb but it isn’t. Those who sneer at the triviality of its content are missing something important about the significance of small connections. Think Velcro.

(Here’s my twitter account.)

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