3 thoughts on “Twittering

  1. annette

    Oh no Johnnie – how could you? and I hope you’re going to come back and tell us how (and in what way) it’s revolutionised your life?

  2. Johnnie Moore

    Annette, I’ve joined to find out what difference it does make. There’s only so much I can figure out without playing. If it does revolutionise my life, I’ll break it to you gently 😉

  3. Stephen

    When I first poked around twitter, I got caught up in the instance-only idea “What was I doing RIGHT THIS NANOSECOND”. Then I realised that it offered a semi permanent ability to attach away messages to websites and blogs. I could (and will once I get the HTML sorted) leave away messages on my web infrastructure like I can on MSN. So people hitting the blogs can see why there’s silence, or what I’m researching.


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