I like MovableType (the software I blog with), and I like Six Apart, the guys who created it. It’s a good piece of software and it has a great support community that got me up the fairly steep learning curve in the early days.

I like them a bit more now, because of their creativity in putting together TypeKey. This is largely a response to the blight of “Comment Spam” (the burden of phoney comments made to weblogs simply to highlight porn and viagra websites).

On the face of it, it seems a highly creative solution to the problem of spam comments that is a doddle for bloggers and commenters alike. One, once-off registration and you’re done. And lots of flexiblity in setting the rules for each blogger. And another solution that seems to show a deep understanding of the power of community.

3 thoughts on “TypeKey

  1. newkai

    I agree with you, MT is great. I exclusively use TypeKey commenting now because of the over 20,000 auto-spams I had gotten earlier.

  2. Johnnie Moore

    Thanks for joining in!

    I’m finding I keep spams at bay with MT Blacklist and the new SpamLookup plugins. The latter seems to be dealing much better with trackback spam which has been on the rise.

    I like the Typekey idea but I’m not seeing it widely utilised yet. (And it doesn’t deal with trackback spam)


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