Uninspired, disengaged…

Great Britain’s Workforce Lacks Inspiration

According to Gallup

More than 80% of British workers lack any real commitment to their jobs and a quarter of those are “actively disengaged ” or truly disaffected with their workplaces….

Why are so many British employees disengaged? Poor management is the problem, according to the Employee Engagement Index survey. Workers say they don

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  1. mrG

    I have often said that it is time we treated employees more like graduate students and less like kindergarten students. In my recent bout of job hunting desperation, I got to see the worst of the worst of the humiliations they call “job interviews”, but admittedly, there were some pleasant surprises.

    One in the latter category was a discount department store: for a lowly stock clerk job. They didn’t demand psychological profiling or pretend that you needed vast committment and qualifications, all they really wanted was a short simple form that asks only your contact information, your daily availability, and the most wonderful question, “What would you like to do?” I didn’t get the job (or any reason why not), but the process felt more like a request for my help than a preamble on a contract to sell my soul.

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    “Total War” and Marketing

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  3. Futurelab's Blog (in beta)

    Engaging Employees

    by: Jennifer Rice John Moore at OurHouse posts an article on lack of employee motivation. A Gallup poll found that 80% of British workers lack any real commitment to their jobs, and there have been similar findings in the US….


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