I liked this post by Dan Burgess at The Pipeline Project: Learning to Unlearn.

He talks about his experience of reverting to almost-barefoot running eschewing years of being, in effect, trained by his trainers. And it’s a metaphor for the challenge of any kind of letting go of ideas about the world that entrance us – particularly because we don’t even realise they do. (Which is why I bookmarked this story by Douglas Adams.)

Here’s a snippet but read the whole thing.

Open-ness and vulnerability I think are key in learning to unlearn, because challenging our assumptions, acknowledging and accepting that much of what we have learnt in our career’s and what we know about the world is no longer that relevant is at times extremely tough to accept. It requires honesty and trust, compassion, the ability to really listen to others, to examine and be open about our own behaviours and beliefs… But openness and vulnerability are also the sort of behaviours rarely encouraged in organisations.

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