Unstoppable force, have you met Immovable Object?

I’ve met Matt Weinstein several times at Improv conferences and always found him hilarious engaging and unrelentlingly enthusiastic about life.

So what happens when someone this positive is cheated of his entire life savings by Bernie Madoff?

I’ll let Matt speak for himself.


1 thought on “Unstoppable force, have you met Immovable Object?

  1. Ray Poynter

    Great speech, and good thoughts, but I thought he missed one of the big messages. You can’t con an honest man. Investing, when done fairly is a trade-off between risk and return. If you don’t want risk, you accept a low return.

    Where Madoff was able to profit was by suggesting to some people that they did not have to be like the ‘little people’, they could have a high return with low risk. Indeed he made people queue up and prove they were special before they could invest with him.

    Whenever we think we deserve a better deal than other people, we are being unfair, and we are leaving ourself open to being conned.

    With the Icelandic banks, some people invested in the UK with them and got a high rate, but some invested in the Isle of Man and got a higher rate. Why did those people investing in the Isle of Man think they deserved a better rate? Were they better people?

    The big issue however, is not that other people do it, but that we all do it. If we still believed in the Greek gods we would think that this was all part of an irnonic plot. All we have to do, in order not to be conned, is be fair and honest, it sounds so simple, yet we fail this simple test so often.

    There are no free lunches, no one way bets, no sure things, and thank goodness for that.


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