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I’ve always really enjoyed speaking in public. Don’t know why, just do. So I’m chuffed that a couple of interesting events have come up for me recently.

Yesterday I caught up with Olaf Brugman on the phone. Olaf is organising a workshop for NGOs (Non Governmental Organisations) in Brussels on 29th October, and he’s invited me to speak on the theme of Trust. Olaf is the SIG Editor for NGOs at Knowledgeboard.) We had a good chat about the issues NGOs face – and they turn out not to be so different from those most other organisations have: a lot to do with how to find ways to collaborate effectively when there is a prevailing climate of doubt and distrust.

I love talking about trust even though each time I do I realise how elusive a concept it can be.

Then this morning I got an email from David Hunter from the American Marketing Association Toronto chapter. They’re going to hold a panel event on November 7th to talk about Beyond Branding. I’m in the city for the Improvinbiz Conference anyway, so I’m going to have a chance to talk about the book there now. Cool.

1 thought on “Upcoming events

  1. Ton Zijlstra

    Hi John,

    I look forward to seeing you next Wednesday in Brussels!

    Any chance you could give us a sneak peak at the actual BB-book? :)Or is the only route pre-ordering it and wait until it arrives at my frontdoor?




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