Upcoming gigs in London

I’m co-hosting a couple of events here in London soon.

On April 25th (Easter Monday), Luke Razzell and I are hosting Walking and Talking. This is based on the day I ran with Matt Moore last month in Sydney. Here’s a sample of the blurb:

We’ll be exploring how we can connect differently, something we think is pretty important in sailing the ship of state through troubled waters etc etc. We’ll break some of the conventions surround business meetings. Partly for the sake of it, but mostly to create some new experiences and ideas…. We will meet at Primrose Hill and then spend the day in a series of manageable walks with stops for yet-to-be-determined but quite sane activities in different settings. Some indoors and others out. Don’t worry, nothing too weird and you get to keep your clothes on at all times. In fact, we insist you do.

It’s free and you can book here.

Then on May 19th, I’m one of the hosts of Deep Open. This is an experiment in dialogue.

Deep Open is an experiment to see if we can experience deep dialogue.

  • Can we hold difference and conflict without turning away from it, or distracting ourselves from it?
  • Can we create a trusting space?
  • Can we stay in the present moment, to observe and be aware of ourselves and each other?
  • Can we resist being task driven?
  • This one should be really interesting and reflects my continuing interest in dialogue and the work of David Bohm. It costs £75.

    Hope to see you at either or both!

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