Uploading innovation

I enjoyed an afternoon at NESTA‘s Uploading Innovation unconference on Tuesday, organised by my friends at Policy Unplugged.

I often facilitate PU events and it was nice to have the afternoon off and take part as a participant. There was a great buzz about the event and I met lots of interesting people. I sat in on a session run by Mark Earls on his new book, Herd, which I’ve just started reading. Mark was great, sparking a really interesting discussion. His book is a page-turner too (I’ll post more on that later).

James and I ran a short session in the second round where we just played improv games, a nice non-intellectual break in a headspinning day.

Gratz to Lloyd Davis for a cracking job of social reporting. Every unconference should have a Lloyd.

Technorati (with the tag nestauploading) has links to more coverage in words and pictures.

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