Using an issue as a social object

Rob has a good post about KETC‘s launch of an H1N1 blog following on the heels of their mortgage-crisis blog. Rob’s been closely involved with US public broadcasting as it figures out how to navigate the waves crashing around all mainstream media.

Rob says

When we began to wonder how to use TV and an issue as a Social Object – to convene and help a community – we spent months finding our way. It was all new – we had absolutely no idea what to do or what would work…Now with many such projects done and the most recent with 60 plus stations in over 30 markets (Facing the Mortgage Crisis) it took a few days to start our work on Flu.

That phrase – issue as social object – really caught my eye. It requires abandoning narcissistic branding and maybe public media have found that easier to do that some others I could mention.

Bonus link: one of Hugh’s explanations of the idea of social objects. Plus doff of cap to Jyri Engestrom

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