Vacuum or hot air ?

Katherine Stone spots this statement by vacuum cleaner brand Bissell:

“The bikes used by cycling teams during their racing season are the most technologically advanced cycles in the world. From the strong lightweight carbon frame to the 10-speed drive train, these machines have allowed the team to “sweep-up” the competition. But don’t believe for a second the team has stopped striving to get better. Constant testing and tweaking are necessary if the team wants to stave-off the competition and stay on top.

Following that same line of thinking, BISSELL continues to create new and innovative cleaning machines to help you in your home. The BISSELL Lift-Off Vacuum with a detachable canister is the one vacuum for all your cleaning needs. The BISSELL Flip-It is a hard floor cleaner that easily “flips” sides for wet or dry cleaning! Always trying to meet your needs and help make cleaning easier, BISSELL innovation is second to none when it comes to cleaning your home!”

Like Katherine, I find this kind of rationalisation unconvincing. Actually, I find it absurd. It’s a bit like kids at school that hang out with the cool people hoping that some of the cool will rub off on them. They’d do better to show some of their own personality.

1 thought on “Vacuum or hot air ?

  1. Jack Yan

    How true. A good brand does not need this comparison. And of the comparisons it could have made, this is a pretty lame one. You also wonder to whom the message is geared: is it corporate blah designed to make the employees function like an efficient cycling team? And just how do efficient cycling teams function?


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