As a certified introvert I might be expected to hate public speaking. Actually, I usually quite like it.

So I have to admit feeling chuffed that James and I got nominated for the best presented paper at last week’s Market Research Society Conference in Brighton.

(You can make your own ironic joke about what this might imply about the content.)

7 thoughts on “Vanity

  1. Matt Moore

    Congrats on getting nominated.

    Presentation effectiveness is less about introversion/extroversion and more about:

    1. Are you passionate about your topic?

    2. Can you articulate it well enough to convey that passion to other people?

    And you have both of those in spades.

    Also as introvert, I find speaking to one person or 20 people easy. It’s the 2-6 person mark that can be tricky actually.

  2. Graham Hill



    I agree with Matt’s synopsis of a great presentation. I would add that the topic has to be interesting too. A passionate presentation by a passionate presenter on, say, “The History Ditching in the Lincolnshire Fens” would probably struggle.

    Any chance of you sharing your presentation with us? It sounds very interesting. Maybe through Slideshare?

    Graham Hill

    Independent CRM Consultant

    Interim CRM Manager

  3. Johnnie Moore

    Thanks, all. We’ll have to wait till the autumn to see if we win.

    Graham: I’d be delighted to share but we went commando this time and had no slides at all… I got someone from the audience to draw a picture on a flip chart with me (using the game shown in the wiki) . This was to illustrate the “Yes, And” principle in the wiki.

    James reeled off some good anecdotes, including comparing this official match report with this one to demonstrate the “get vernacular” rule.

  4. Matt Moore


    I must disagree with you. There is probably a great story to tell about “The History Ditching in the Lincolnshire Fens” – human struggle with nature, politics, developments in engineering & technology – probably even romance & tragedy. Something for everyone.

    I would probably rephrase your observation as “At some level, there must be congruence of intent between presenter & audience”. i.e. if they want to hear about marketing and all the presenter talks about is ditches with no reference to marketing then they probably won’t be happy.


  5. Jon Husband

    Congratulations, Johnnie. As Matt said above, passion and the ability to be articulate are critical, and from my reading of your blog, you have those.


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