At Russell‘s prompting I found this amazing image of Velcro taken by Dee Breger – it’s near to the bottom of that page on Dee’s site.

I think of Velcro as an analogy for how Web 2.0 works by allowing for lots of little connections. Viewed one way, it’s messy. Viewed another it’s rather beautiful. And offers the possibility of a lot of grip…

6 thoughts on “Velcro

  1. Rob Paterson

    I am with you J on this – first reading a blog, then Facebook and now twitter – a picture emerges from ideas, friends and what you had for breakfast or listen to

  2. Shawn Callahan

    This picture reminds me of how processes and practices come together to get things done. The processes are well defined while the practices are messy and difficult to understand. The value comes when you can get both to come together.


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