Volts and Amps in conversations

During yesterday’s Skype call with Rob Paterson he came up with a good metaphor about conversations. It reminded me of the schoolboy rhyme “Volts jolts, mills (milliamps)kills”. You can have a lot of voltage and create excitement, but without ampage, there’s not so much impact.

I realise that a ton of conversations I see and take part in are high voltage, lots of “talking and reloading” or colourful language. Most marketing is high voltage (hype). But I’d like more ampage, which for me is about bring more of ourselves into the conversation, taking risks, showing more of ourselves…

Update: See Rob’s extended entry on the same point posted today.

4 thoughts on “Volts and Amps in conversations

  1. Chris

    “But I’d like more ampage…taking risks …”

    I know that’s a common viewpoint, but I wonder why it’s so…why we think that being ourselves is taking a “risk”? Does anyone consider the higher risks they take by squelching and stifling themselves?


    I like this electrical analogy and want to risk stretching it a little further… We talk of the importance of being grounded (c.f. ‘down to earth’) and, electrically, appliances can be hazardous if they are not earthed. For current to flow, the conductor has to be polarised i.e. positive at one end, negative the other. The greater the polarisation (voltage) the greater the flow (this is Ohm’s Law). Interestingly, if current cannot flow (because an insulator blocks its path) no work is done.

    Now think of polarity in human terms (male/female; order/chaos; leftwing/rightwing; rich/poor etc.) and current as change, movement or development…

    So for me the risks appear to be about allowing energy to flow. The flow meets resistance and work is done. No resistance – no work and no growth.

  2. Thomas W. Oakes

    Do you have, or do you know of a device that can take the several combined volts from 20 parallel 1.5 Volt photovoltaic cells and convert the volts in excess of 1.5 v into additional amps or watts?

    Thank you.

    Thomas W. Oakes 619 670-6555

  3. lunatinker

    Thomas W. Oakes asks:

    “20 parallel 1.5 volts…and…convert the

    volts in excess of 1.5 v into additional

    amps or watts…”

    This is a similar demand to the current connection of multiple photovoltaic modules in an array/string and desire to not waste voltage

    above the PV battery system’s abilities.

    It is called MPPT

    ( maximum power point tracking)

    see here : https://www.outbackpower.com/MX60.htm

    or talk to a local PV business


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