We can’t go on meeting like this – part two

The next We can’t go on meeting like this will be on October 6th, 6pm to 8.30pm.

At our first event Oli Barrett said this presented the challenge of the difficult second album. Well I guess we’ll see.

As before, our aim is to experiment with different ways for people to meet at an evening event. Last time we played some fairly high energy improv games, and this time we’re going for something different. Here’s the essential blurb:

We’re offering a conversation in a circle, with some simple rules of engagement – essentially allowing people to speak without obligation, but also without fear of interruption. The idea is to create a different, some might say deeper, kind of conversation which can be challenging as well as engaging. And yes, we’ll be using some form of talking stick….The subject of conversation will be introduced on the evening. It will be one that will allow everyone to share their own experiences.

We’re limiting this one to 15 people and you can register here. It’s free, so in the words of the immortal Fred Pontin: book early.

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