Wellsprings of innovation.

I liked Denham Gray’s analysis of the spectrum of knowledge management:

Everyone positions themselves somewhere along the spectrum from knowledge creation (awareness learning, community) to intellectual capital (knowledge assets branding, knowledge exchanges). Through long exposure, I have come to recognize my passions and interests are clearly at the knowledge creation end.

What I see happening at the other end (IC) is more about economics, PR, market caps and packaging than about the things that really matter to me, i.e. generating and understanding new insights, capturing experience and expertise, sharing and exploring. I do not wish to label or denigrate here, just my empathy is at the roots rather than in the leaves.

I think I’m more comfortable down there with Denham, exploring the new territory. My fear about a lot of branding is that it fixates at the other end when it needs to do more to foster human engagment.

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