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  1. Chris Corrigan

    That’s a great little piece she wrote, and so true. I teach a little these days, but I use the word “training” sparingly, reserving it only for martial arts training that I undertake.

    What I offer now is a “practice workshop” or a “practice retreat” designed not to train people in Open Space, but rather to introduce and cultivate the practices that support the facilitation of Open Space events. It’s my belief that by cultivating practices, people can create their own training, because then they see every opportunity around them as a place to cultivate their learning edge.

    For instance, if I want to train bloggers, instead of “teaching blogging” I might do two days with people on the practices that support blogging. This includes connecting with one’s purpose, continually, finding voice, reading for inspiration and connection. We might use World Cafe or Open Space to simulate a blogging type of interaction in real life, and at the same time present practices that people can use for connecting in the real world with others, whom they may meet through blogging. Having people cultivate these practices would then be the best way to have them lead themselves into an ongoing practice of blogging.


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