Who is this guy?

The good people at NESTA have posted a video of Co-Creation Rules. It’s about 20 mins extracted from the 90 min workshop James and I hosted there last month.

It’s a strange experience watching myself on video. I’m left wondering: hmm who is this guy? I sort of recognise him and what he says is all very familiar… but there’s something a bit odd about him. Part of it is that I look more confident on the outside than I feel on the inside.

I remember a friend once pointing out that each of us is “myself” to just one person; we’re “other” to everyone else. She asked, provocatively: “what if we go with the majority view?”

Seeing yourself as “the other” is quite sobering and somehow comforting… in the same way that looking up at the stars and sensing your tininess in the great scheme of things is comforting.

4 thoughts on “Who is this guy?

  1. Roland Harwood

    Love it. Around 12.38 in particular.

    Whilst the guy on the video is clearly you, it’s also ‘you in facilitation mode’ which is presumably not how you talk to yourself in your head (unless you really live the dream!).

  2. James Cherkoff

    I look very tired. I notice that instead of referencing Eric Raymond, the open source guru, I do in fact reference Paul Raymond, proprietor of the Raymond Revuue Bar in Soho. No wonder they looked confused! 😉


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