Whose language?

Andrew Sullivan spotted this extraordinary video on YouTube: In my language.

In it an autistic woman lets us into her world. In the first half we see her engaging with life in a way, I would say in a language, of her own. This footage will probably trigger a variety of reactions in you – it did in me. In the second half, she chooses to communicate with us in what we might think of us our normal language. I found it astonishing, humbling and deeply provocative.

4 thoughts on “Whose language?

  1. Chris Pearse

    Very powerful – I sometimes do these things myself, though not with others around. I do them for the experience itself. Amazed that she’d written the commentary – I think, or hope, it’s removed a layer of prejudice

  2. Sean Howard

    I love language. And I’m fascinated by how perception and language are so co-dependent on each other. This piece floored me. Wow.

    I first came across your work in the co-creation manifesto which I have recently come to believe is the best written source on the topic (gave it to all my staff). Gavin of Servants of Chaos was kind enough to point me here.

    I’m now drowning in amazing content and looking forward to not surfacing for some time. Thank you.

  3. livingbrands

    The meaning of language and communication

    Thanks to Johnnie Moore for pointing out this amazing film.Inspiring, discomforting and challenging in equal measure, it not only forces us to consider the prejudices we may have towards people with autism, but also raises some huge questions about the


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