Why I love this stuff

Tom Guariello has just about his best post ever and that’s saying something.

We have now come to a point in history where an 80 year-old gentleman from a cottage in the English midlands can get invited to one of the most prestigious global gatherings because of his ability to connect with millions of people through a series of short stories videoed on a camcorder. What a fascinating strange world we’re creating.

Enjoy Tom’s clip of his conversation with Peter Oakley (you might have to turn the volume up but stick with it trust me on this):

I think it captures quite brilliantly what makes me feel joyful about the web’s infinite improbability drive.

3 thoughts on “Why I love this stuff

  1. Earl Mardle

    I see the IID article refers to Bistromath which is an interesting coincidence. My very elegant, erudite and extremely intelligent (ain’t heredity wonderful, although encompassing as it does the concept of recessive genes of which I am a proud but pointless possessor) nephew Ben is, as it happens, a restaurateur of distinction.

    His exposition of Bistromath is equally elegant and simple to boot.

    “Add a zero”

    Now THERE’S a young man who know what a power law is for.

  2. Tom Guarriello

    Thanks for the kind words, Johnnie. Peter is such a remarkable fellow and yet this invitation came from so far in left field (as we Yanks would say!) that we decided it would be fun to post the video. Glad you enjoyed it.


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