Word of mouth

John Moore (the Texan one) has kindly posted links to pdfs of the presentations to the recent Word of Mouth Marketing conference.

Some of these are pretty interesting. Especially this one: Consumer Empowerment and Word of Mouth, from Pete Blackshaw (Intelliseek) & Jim Nail (Forrester Research). It’s built around a great story of the authors’ contrasting experience of hybrid cars and how the two brands supported – or undermined – word-of-mouth for their products.

Side observation: The thing about live powerpoint style presentations is that big wordy slides with lots of content tend to undermine the speaker and lower engagement. Presentations with simple visuals that let the speaker tell the story are usually more fun. BUT this all changes when the presentation circulates to people who weren’t there. I bet Jackie Huba’s presentation was a lot of fun on the day (and of course there’s plenty of good stuff on her blog).

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