Yeah, I liked it too

Andrew Sullivan acknowledges that YouTube sometimes maginifies and extends people’s pratfalls… but it can also highlight acts of kindness. He cites this example.

UPDATE: I loved Patti Digh’s comments (see trackbacks) especially this bit: “It wasn’t that he was standing right next to this young girl–he had to journey from his comfortable place in the stands to get there. It wasn’t that he’s a great singer. It’s that he’s a great coach, a caring soul someone who lifts people up when they need it.” And look at what he does at the end: he steps back out of the way. Great job.

5 thoughts on “Yeah, I liked it too

  1. Jack Yan

    You can see why that gentleman is a coach: he stepped in when there was trouble, he guided someone through the difficult stages, and he did so with dignity. Wonderful seeing classy behaviour on YouTube for a change and even some of the comments there were understanding.

  2. 37days

    Be a coach. Step in.

    I really loved seeing this tonight on Johnnie Moore’s blog. As Johnnie mentioned all the way from London, it’s so nice to see someone helping on YouTube, not someone laughing at or ridiculing another’s misfortune. Simple acts of kindness. I so resonate…

  3. Virginia

    I am really impressed by the gentleman who came to the singer’s side and helped her through this dificult moment. I believe he changed her life (in a positive way) by this small act. He also showed the rest of us how to be a good human being. Compare his response to the dozens of others on other videos depicting singers who suddenly fell apart on stage. In many f those videos, people ridiculed the haplaess singer or simply stod there waiting for the singer to be put out of his/her misery. I encourage people to share this video (in classrooms and leadersip training, Sunday school, everywhere) and use it to promote a dialog on how to coach, motivate and encourage those around us…Kudos!

    Life is good!


    In Sunny Santa Fe


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