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  1. Rich...!

    Whoa, scary how we’re often on same wavelength.

    I’m getting ready to finish my post on sharing vs. hoarding ideas. And in few months I’m launching a new project (I have to clear my plate first) and it’s going to be entirely shared. (Only being vague now because I haven’t written it up other than scribblings in journal and I’d like it if when you hear it for the first time it’s clearly presented.)

    The first reaction I get from folks I’ve told my idea to is exactly that: Don’t-dare-tell-anyone-else-or-they-may-steal-it. But this idea isn’t just an idea – it’s like part of my DNA, part of every fiber of my being. How do you steal that? And it’s not meant to be solely mine. So I’m absolutely 100% turning the tables on the conventional theory of holding cards close to your chest. Stay tuned…


    I met Simon last night, he was here in South Africa (as you know, best book i’ve read – even better in person), he’s also one of the most approachable guys I’ve met. I’m going to try send him to your post, let’s see what he says…!

  2. Crossroads Dispatches

    Steal This Idea

    I work in the world of IP and NDAs and IPOs and yet another TLA. If you have no idea what I am talking about, count yourself among the (very, very) fortunate. Confidentiality agreements all the way, baby. Looking over

  3. WorldisGreen.com


    I wrote sometime back about IndiOne, the new low-cost hotel from the TATAs in India. C K Prahalad was the consultant for the project. Lets look at something more radical, the YOTEL. Before that something about sharing ideas.
    Evelyn blogs about the i…

  4. Ashe

    I don’t see why the concept wouldn’t work, Yo Sushi has been an amazing success and so to the Yo below. The Yotel website looks great, I can’t wait for one of these to pop up.


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